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Luxury & Supercar Weekend, Vancouver
Opening Invite Creative

the above concept and design by think x blink | except for the logo

a Lamborghini LP-700 outlined with all names of sponsors of year 2014 event

Asian Media Relations

asian media relations by think x blink

since 2011, think x blink has been managing asian media relations of the Luxury & Supercar Weekend, the finest curated automotive event in the western Canada. The focus on generating news coverage is never limited to Vancouver market, but has been extended to other North America cities and Asia countries such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore. In 2016, our effort made 89 quality coverage generated with total reach 1.5 billions. The above is part of the coverage examples.

KOL Outreach

KOL Outreach by think x blink

since 2015, think x blink has started Key Opinion Leader “KOL” program and worked with partner such as Hawksworth Restaurant and Oakridge Centre to create KOL focused invitation at the Luxury & Supercar Weekend. Think x Blink worked with prominent Vancouver KOL such as Marcel Lech Photography, Vancouverfoodie, Leilalikes and so on, on ultra-creative content.

Luxury & Supercar Weekend Vancouver Design Branding Media Relations

Print Ad on Singtao Saturday Magazine

print ad design and creative copywriting by think x blink

we also specialize in developing creative and influential slogans, catchphrases, messages and straplines to optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

think x blink