Just Another Reason

Branding, Event Management
Justanotherreason.net – One of The Fondest Memories

Founded in 2005 by Rae Kung, Justanotherreason.net was a street art agency with an online street art hubs and shopping experience of the latest street art wear at the time. The website was closed forever in 2008 but we believe the passion always lasts. We handled Asian PR and exclusive production sales for the indie art collectives: Scrawl Collective (United Kingdom), Pure Evil (United Kingdom), VSLTRSM (Singapore) and hosted two street art exhibitions in Hong Kong and Taipei. We were also the first to promote nanotechnology on garment and established the easy to maintain J.A.R Nanowear. The last work was an invitation by the I.T Hong Kong’s Double Park for a live painting mural at their Hong Kong location by Phil Ashcroft of Scrawl Collective.

It was awesome time to work with the street artists and through all the experiences, Rae discovered her creative instinct. Timing was just not good as way to promote was not that rich like today with all the social media platforms as support.


Examples of Print Design, Justanotherreason.net


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